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Pineapple of My Eye

Posted by Kristen Fitzpatrick on February 25, 2018 at 1:25 PM


I am not sure what it is lately, but I am obsessed with pineapples! Everything about them makes me smile.  As I was coming up with Cape May NJ wedding planning ideas, I saw this quote a few weeks ago... 

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to be more like a pineapple?  So, while on my pineapple kick, I’ve learned ways to cook it, use it in refreshing cocktails, and decorate, but most importantly, tasteful ways to incorporate them into your wedding without making it look like a Hawaiian Luau and going too overboard.

Whether you are hosting a beach wedding in South Jersey, or simply looking to add a bit of tropical flair, check out these pineapple ideas for your coastal wedding!

1) Pineapple water? Yes, please!  This is a perfect start for your guests arriving at your outdoor ceremony or cocktail hour. It is not only pretty to look at, but it tastes like summer!

2) Did you know that a pineapple symbolizes welcome and good cheer? Using a pineapple as an accent on your welcome table or near your seating arrangements can make the perfect prop, as well as, add fun, color, and special meaning to any environment!

4) You're worth more than gold! Gold pineapples would be great to have embossed on your invitations, or used as your wedding stamp to set the tropical feel right from the start. Or even, spray paint a pineapple gold, add gorgeous flowers to it, and this is what you get! Whoever decided to try this is brilliant.

5) Pineapples make great vases!

6) Don't forget there are always ways to add it to dessert tables for a light and sweet ending to a wonderful new beginning.

Categories: Beach Wedding, Cape May, NJ , Coastal Theme